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Restaurant & Bar


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Lunch, Dinner,

Drinks & Ice cream

We are bringing you a hint of the Italian Riviera in the English Riviera..

  Let's set sail to Portofino

Portofino is the gem of the Italian Riviera, it’s the spirit of La Dolce Vita — a place and time you’ll never want to leave.

Sashay to Wellswood and experience it for yourself 

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Portofino Restaurant & Bar

21 Ilsham Road



01803 927057

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - From 9:30am

Wednesday - From 9:30am

Thursday - From 9:30am

Friday - From 9:30am

Saturday - From 9:30am

Sunday - From 9:30am

Join us for Breakfast, Lunch,

Dinner or Drinks

And don’t forget, you can grab a delicious

Portofino Ice Cream to go!

Give us a call on 01803 927057

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